Mid-level React FE Dev

We are looking for a React engineer to join our team supporting our enterprise clients. You will work with the front-end team and the user experience team to develop new UI components and views in React based on UX specifications in Figma.

Tech stack

  • React 16+
  • Typescript
  • Javascript (ES6+)
  • Jest (unit tests)
  • Responsive design (mobile and desktop) experience
  • Storybook JS (UI component development)
  • CSS-in-JS frameworks (Styled components / Emotion)
  • UI frameworks (Material, Chakra, Semantic)
  • Webpack 4+ and/or FE build tools and bundling
  • GraphQL and/or traditional REST communication

What you will do

Your primary responsibility is to cleanly and efficiently build application components using React based on requirements from the UX/design team. This includes:

  • Taking written and design requirements (in Figma, Confluence) and implementing in React/CSS
  • Ability to assess a technical or design requirement and break it into subtasks with accurate estimates on time to deliver
  • Documenting your design and implementing core components/documentation using Storybook.js

The most important requirement of the job is communication. All communication is done via Slack/Hangouts/phone, which means you respond quickly in Slack to questions and you do not hesitate to reach out and discuss concerns, questions, or issues with the team. Of course, you are ultimately measured on the quality and timeliness of your output, but we have seen many competent consultants fail; they failed not because they could not code, but because they were not good at communicating status or working with the team to achieve common goals.

This position is expected to be a hybrid role based out of our San Diego downtown offices.  It's flexible in that you can be remote and not come in to the office, but there is an expectation that you will be able to come in to co-work with the team when necessary.  Therefore, the ideal candidate will be located within commuting distance of downtown San Diego.

What we seek

  • Minimum of 1 years experience working with React professionally and a minimum of 3 years of professional Javascript framework experience
  • Someone with an eye and patience for detail, who is able to take visual requirements and reproduce pixel-perfect replications in code
  • A clear communicator that is able to articulate problems and even present architecture/design in front of clients. If you don’t like to speak in front of groups, or don’t like interacting with other humans, then this job isn’t for you.
  • Self-motivated individuals who know they need to get a job done and do not require constant hand-holding or oversight.
  • Someone who desires remote work and autonomy. This is not for you if you think of work as a chance to meet people and make friends around the water cooler. You also need to be able to clearly separate your work time from the rest of your life and diligently get the job done.
  • Someone who reads this job description and their resume/cover letter accurately references these requirements and speaks to each point with specific examples and/or work experience.

Ready to join the team?

Send your resume or CV to hi@borderux.com