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Any agile team uses some form of planning poker to size their development efforts. If the team is sitting in the same office, this is pretty easy. Reserve a conference room, gather the people and start moving through the stories. If the team is remote, however, things are a bit trickier. There are several reasonable solutions out there ranging from PokerBot for Slack to several dev-built websites. While these are fine they lack a bit of pizazz.

Over a lazy weekend the Border team knocked out our designer version of the classic tool. It's free to use and maybe you'll like it. It's responsive and doesn't require a download or integration. It also doesn't do too much, but focuses on some more of the human elements: people not responding and bathroom breaks.

Check it out and we hope you enjoy it:

Aaron Martlage

Aaron Martlage

Aaron loves innovative solutions to complex problems. He's a strategist and designer who fights fiercely for great products. His vast experience and focus on process encourages new thinking in others.