We are different (or at least we like to think we are)

Border is a group of talented designers, software architects and web developers. We focus on constructing modern web applications. The right way. We bring decades of startup thinking and big business understanding to help define, build, launch and market great software.

The model

It's quite simple, actually.

  • We add a principal to your team to help clarify and solve the problem
  • We establish a pattern of success, quality and innovation
  • We grow our team in sync with your needs expanding beyond the initial focus

Whether you're looking for strategy, design or technical architecture, we can help build your product, train your team and evolve your tech.

We don't do everything, however. Be sure to take a look at what we love and what we loathe. We specialize.

A sprinkling of special sauce

We are a distributed company based on the West Coast of the US and Baja Mexico. We believe strongly that the autonomy and flexibility to work anywhere is the future of work and, frankly, is the only way to work.

Our principals and devs take pride in our ability to work remotely, but stay in close communication with our clients as if we're sitting next door. We aren't the team that promises to deliver you a product after a spec is thrown over the ocean. If that's what you're looking for, we aren't going to compete for that business. Our beliefs are simple: define what we're going to do in a clear and concise manner, do it in the time we say it will take, and do it with quality and care for our craft.

The beginning

If we go way back, Matt and Aaron first worked together for a plucky startup building home energy management devices with Belkin and electric vehicle charging stations with GE and San Diego Gas & Electric. We built cool hardware turning IP into the real deal. We partnered with TE Connectivity to manufacture and distribute our products to automakers. We invented a cloud connectivity suite called Zephyr to ensure utility companies could manage electric vehicle charging. We piloted our devices with Google and utilities across the country.

All of this, we did as a small team called the Innovation Group. It was a good time. Using our years of working with big companies, we learned how startup thinking could partner with enterprise to bring cutting-edge products to market. Little did we know it at the time, but this would be the model for Border years later.

In 2015 the two got to talking about the problem with guided tours. both Aaron and Matt had lived abroad and enjoyed self-directed travel, but wanted to utilize technology to make it simple. They founded Tourrs and built native and browser apps to help people share local experiences. They designed, built, marketed and sold the product from scratch. Today, Tourrs supports universities and helps tour guides create niche experiences.

The future

While bootstrapping Tourrs, the guys realized there was still a huge need within large companies to innovate. In fact, the Frightful Five are so dominant, they can copy or buy pretty much any startup. No idea is safe. Gone are the days of insulated product development and launch. We think, aside from the few shooting star startups, the biggest innovation is going to come from within large, established companies who can incubate new products internally. Border is here to bring startup thinking to these enterprises to help them stay dominant.

Give us a try. If you don't like us, send us on our way. We're pretty sure you're going to be happy.