A Fond Farewell

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When entrepreneurs start down the path of creating a new company based on fresh code, the hope is for greatness in both accomplishment and financials. The vision of taking a nascent concept and nurturing it to success swims through the text of blogs and tech articles heralding the ventures of young innovators. It's an intoxicating brew, this software startup elixir.

Alas, every person who takes the leap knows the chances of living to tell the tale, let alone becoming a household name, run similar to Powerball odds. A lot of luck, fortuitous timing, hard work and perseverance all mixed together just might get you to the fabled exit. Unfortunately, ideas that seem brilliant may fade. Products destined for prime time may instead take a perilous path. Yet we persist in chasing this illusion, for what if it's real?

We created Tourrs with the backing of investors, a strong sense of direction and a determination to satisfy an unmet need. Aaron and Matt were far from alone in their ideals and, over the course of three-and-a-half years, we worked with many fantastic people; from our talented team to our loyal customers, we achieved, but ultimately fell short. At the end of 2018, Tourrs, LLC sailed into the sunset aided by the begrudged push by a band of local entrepreneurs (surely on a self-guided tour). A lot has changed for us during the adventure and I'm sure there is a cheesy Semisonic lyric to reassure us of our choices.

May your best adventures be always in your future. RIP Tourrs, LLC 2015 - 2018

Aaron Martlage

Aaron Martlage

Aaron loves innovative solutions to complex problems. He's a strategist and designer who fights fiercely for great products. His vast experience and focus on process encourages new thinking in others.