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Startup thinking for your enterprise

You run a big business and manage a multi-million dollar software product. You own the space. Dominate. But know challengers are emerging more rapidly than ever. Startups build software in minutes utilizing today's rapidly evolving technologies.

Your top notch team is entrenched in supporting your cash cow. It's downright scary to adapt even though you know you must. Border brings product definition, launch, marketing and sales strategy to enhance your team. We work differently. Our principals integrate with your team seeding fresh ideas and getting their hands dirty. No more outsourcing your braintrust to an agency.

Border is a new way to work with a clear path to the future.

Aaron Martlage

Aaron Martlage

Aaron loves innovative solutions to complex problems. He's a strategist and designer who fights fiercely for great products. His vast experience and focus on process encourages new thinking in others.