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Fill in the gaps of the development lifecycle

The last thing you want is for outside experts to do it for you, leaving you clueless after deployment. You don't want us to build something for you. You want us to build it with you. Border rockstars join your crew and build the future under one flag. We train your devs while getting our hands dirty.

It's not enough to simply supply dev support. Software development processes including agile and waterfall will keep your code deliveries on track. There is no one-size-fits-all process; we can help bring the best fit aspects to the table. Yeah, we have scrum masters. Certified and whatnot.

Border gets your software built. Efficiently. The right way.

Aaron Martlage

Aaron Martlage

Aaron loves innovative solutions to complex problems. He's a strategist and designer who fights fiercely for great products. His vast experience and focus on process encourages new thinking in others.