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Evolve and improve your software

You've built successful software and there's no such thing as downtime. The current architecture in place for years needs to co-mingle with the latest and greatest without introducing weakness of any kind. Modernize, but sustain. It's like building a tunnel under Los Angeles without disturbing the surface. Doable with the right crew.

But don't be enticed by the new shiny bauble. It's not always the right choice.

Border’s team is chock full of experienced principals that have built it all. From database to DevOps, we architect software to guarantee performance, automate your builds and ensure robustness. Front-end or back-end. React, Angular, AWS, Kubernetes, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, we do that.

The team at Border will architect your forever technology. With you side-by-side.

Aaron Martlage

Aaron Martlage

Aaron loves innovative solutions to complex problems. He's a strategist and designer who fights fiercely for great products. His vast experience and focus on process encourages new thinking in others.